Gambling cheat at Texas hold'em, Omaha poker game, Baccarat, Blackjack ect. Info and professional casino devices
DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S ON THE LEFT?This is a gambling cheating product for Texas holdem called Texas holdem analyzer. Do you want to know how it wins the game?
HAVE YOU LOST MUCH MONEY IN THE TEXAS HOLD’EM? Every poker player playing Texas hold’em in casino wants to come back with fruitful results. But the truth is that they usually lost so much in the game. YOU WANT TO WIN IN THE GAME? The answer is certain for each poker player. It is fantastic to depend on good luck to win Texas holdem. So maybe something are more reliable than lucky.
HOW TO WIN TEXAS HOLDEM? Playing Texas hold’em poker game is for winning a lot of money. But how do you win at Texas holdem cheat? Many poker cheating devices can help you. If you use the Texas holdem analyzer, you could know the winner in each poker hand. If you want to use IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses, you can know cards points and suits directly. If you want to use pinhole camera system, there is a background to work together with you. And the Texas holdem software is a good product for analyzing barcode marked playing cards. So there are many helpful products for Texas holdem poker cheats.
precision poker analysis system
Texas hold'em poker cheating video
Texas hold'em poker cheating product of detail
AKK Texas holdem analyzerAKK Texas holdem analyzer is good for cheating Texas hold’em game. And this analyzer is to read and analyze barcode marked cards automatically and then you will hear a number which is to tell you who gets the best poker hand through a mini earphone. You also can add or reduce the number of poker players by the remote control wirelessly. The latest AKK Texas holdem analyzer is K30 poker analyzer what is faster than other analyzers to tell you poker game result. At the same time, it is a real cell phone for calling, sending massages, etc. Don’t miss our AKK Texas holdem analyzer!
Poker analyzer remote controllerThe remote controller is at the service of poker analyzer. It can be used to add or reduce the number of poker players wirelessly in the Texas hold’em. The remote controller looks like a real car key on the surface so that it will not cause the attention of other people. The user can put it inside trouser pocket before playing Texas hold’em. This remote controller works together with Texas holdem analyzer!
car key poker cameraIf you use barcode marked cards to cheat at poker game, that can not cheat without poker camera. We fix a HD camera inside the car key and then you could use car key poker camera to scan marked cards. The scanning distances can be 5-10cm, 10-20cm,20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm, 60-70cm,70-80cm,80-90cm.Before poker game start, put car key poker camera on the table and then you press the button on or off to control the camera switch. There are other poker cameras, such as watch poker camera, lighter poker camera, long cuff poker camera, etc.
Mini earphonesMini earphones are used to get poker game result from poker analyzer. So if you use Texas holdem analyzer, we advise you to use mini earphones. Before play the game, you put the mini earphones inside your ears and it is very small that no one will find them at all. It can receive the signal which is sent by poker analyzers. But other people will not hear anything even they are around you. The distance between poker analyzer and mini earphones is about 50 cm that is long enough for you to put the poker analyzer to your pocket. Mini earphones battery can work for 8 hours at least and you don’t worry that is any trouble for you poker cheat.