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Could pinhole camera cheat in the game? Teen Patti poker pinhole camera is a very high quality device. It is specially made for teen Patti poker game and can be used to win the teen patti game. Are you afraid of cheating at teen Patti game? Have you ever thought about cheating in casino? Would you like to try but you are daring? With the help of teen Patti(flush) pinhole camera, people is more confident of winning the teen Patti cheat, they may not afraid to cheat in the casino any more.
How to win at India flush game? People are always very interested in how to win at India flush game. There are many ways to win at India flush game and the safe way is using teen Patti pinhole camera. As the teen patti pinhole camera could spy the marked cards in a wide range, and it is far away from the poker table, so it is very stable. After your partner in the background see marked cards and then will tell you cards points and suits. Pinhole camera could scan the marked cards clearly. It’s very easy to win at flush teen patti game.
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TransmitterIt is a very important part of the pinhole camera system. It has a very power function to receive the signal and then send it to the background. People can see the result on the computer. The quality of the transmitter represents the quality of the teen Patti pinhole camera, so you can have no requirement of other part, but the transmitter must choose the best quality.
Teen Patti spy camera lensTeen Patti spy camera lens is a long distance camera lens and can be installed into lamp panel, smoke sensor and so on. The spy camera can read the special marks on the back of poker cards, and then transmitter sends signal to the background system, finally your partner will see the result on the computer in other room. You need to wear a wireless earpiece to get the result. You can also custom air condition spy camera lens, water dispenser spy camera lens as you need.