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Could Infrared contact lenses cheat for teen Patti?Some people are curious that whether Infrared contact lenses can cheat in teen Patti game or not. You will not doubt after you use them.
What kind of cheating products is your favor? Among the teen Patti cheats device, what do you like best? No matter you choose IR contact lenses, poker analyzer system or pinhole camera system, they will surprise you! What is the advantage of our infrared contact lenses? Our infrared contact lenses are relatively soft, the material is silicone hydrogel lens, it oxygen flux is 5-6times higher than ordinary contact lenses, this kind of material will not deformation of water loss , keep eyes wet for a long time and your eyes really feel comfortable.
How to cheat at India flush game? India flush game is that each player gets 3 cards, and then you make a compare between each player hand.If you think your cards point is the biggest among all the poker players', you can make a big bet. In this cause, you can cheat with teen Patti infrared contact lenses. It is the best way to cheat at India flush game, you just wear them and without limitation of light, place and other factors. You can see the mark on the back of the playing cards and naked eyes can not see it.
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Infrared contact lensesInfrared contact lenses are very good using in teen Patti game and it together uses with back marked cards. When you wear the infrared contact lenses, you can see the special marks on the back of every playing card, and then you will know every player’s cards. As long as you know other player’s card, you can be easy playing the teen Patti game. Anyway, you will win much money.
Special IR SunglassesSpecial IR Sunglasses have the same effect as infrared contact lenses. When you are playing Teen Patti, you could see cards points and suits clearly. If you wear sunglasses in the casino is too weird, you can put the sunglasses on the poker table, but you should make sure you can see the marks by the sunglasses and others can not found it. It is also a very convenient way to cheat for teen Patti game.
Luminous ink help you cheat at teen pattiBefore the invention of electromagnetic telephone, mechanical acoustic devices existed for transmitting speech and music over a distance greater than that of normal direct speech. The earliest mechanical telephones were based on sound transmission through pipes or other physical media. With the development of science and technology, phone becomes more and more delicate. Now phone becomes more and more important for you us. So we let the AKK cell phone to be one of the cheating devices. It can help you to gamble poker games. When you scan the poker cards, and send the data to the cell phone. The software will analyze the data. So the results can appear on the screen. And then you can win the poker game. It is very safe. So you can use it to gain much money in the casino. This is a good choice for you.