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where is teen Patti popular with people?Teen Patti is most popular in India,Pakistan,and many other countries. It’s specially loved by Indians. You can see people playing teen Patti everywhere in India.
Do you like to play Teen Patti (flush) poker game? Among all the poker game, teen Patti is a very popular and easy learning poker game, it’s very funny, and you will be excited about this game. How to play Teen Patti (flush) poker game? Each Teen Patti (flush) is very easy to play. Aces are the biggest and 2s are the smallest. The goal is to get the best 3-cards hand and maximize the pot as possible.
Use the poker analyzer in Teen Patti (flush) poker game Poker cheating analyzer for Teen Patti (flush) is the most authentic and excellent designed device. Our poker cheating analyzer for Teen Patti (flush) is very convenient to be operated. You can set it up before the game started. And then put the scanning camera lens well, if you are not allowed to put the camera lens on the poker table, you can put it in your pocket. Teen Patti poker analyzer have a very good effect, we will introduce how it works in teen Patti game as follow.
precision poker analysis system
tell you how to use teen patti analyzer
teen-patti poker cheating product of detail
K30 poker analyzer for gamle cheatThe main cheating product in teen Patti is the k30 poker analyzer. When you use the AKK K30 poker analyzer in the teen Patti poker game, you can set it up easily. While you start to use teen Patti (flush) poker analyzer in the game, it will tell you which are the winner hand, if you need, it could also tell you every player’s hand.
Remote controllerRemote controller is one of the major features of k30 poker analyzer and it makes the k30 analyzer more advanced than other analyzers. You can change the number of players with this remote controller and both adding and reducing are very convenient.
Camera lens for poker analyzerThere are many camera lenses could be used together with teen Patti poker analyzer, car key camera lens is one of them. It looks the same as a car key, but the difference is that there is a camera lens inside the car key. The scan distance is about 30-50cm. camera lens is very easy to use in teen Patti cheat game. This camera lens is not reflective, so it will not to arouse suspicion. Camera lens is the most important factor to ensure the quality of analysis, so the lens with a superior performance is also very important.
Mini earphonesAs output device, earphone is the most invisible product, the distance between earphones and receiver is about 50cm, within this distance, the earpiece could report very clearly, you will not miss the message even in the casino. There is a very thin line can help you take out the earphone, so you don’t have to worry about how to take it out.