Gambling cheat at Texas hold'em, Omaha poker game, Baccarat, Blackjack ect. Info and professional casino devices
How much do you know the Omaha cheat camera system?Omaha cheat camera system consists of one pinhole camera lens, one receiver, one transmitter, one TV or PC monitor, one speaker and one mini-earphone. Those parts work together to help players cheat in Omaha game.
What is Omaha cheat camera for? Omaha cheat camera is a normal monitor, but there is a pinhole camera built-in, therefore, it plays a very important role in cheating device system. What is pinhole camera? Pinhole camera installed in cheat camera can identify the marked cards which cannot be seen by naked eyes or IR sunglasses. It is not eye-catching, so nobody can find it.
How to cheat at Omaha games? As a card player, you must know that chance is not always on your side. You cannot control the fortunate but can seize it. Omaha cheat camera system can help you achieve the success. It can be fixed on the wall or other places no mater where the marked cards can be monitored. The signal will be converted by receiver and transmitter. When the result is shown on the computer or TV, the supporter will send it to you, and then you can receive the result by the mini-earpiece with 0.3s. This set of advanced cheating device provides you with accurate result. It is worthwhile to us it to win money.
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ReceiverIt used to receive the sign from the pinhole camera and then transmit it to the system, receiver is very important in Omaha pinhole camera system, it makes sure that the system has received the sign. So when you choose receiver, you are better to buy a high quality one.
Pinhole cameraPinhole camera lens is a concealed camera lens. The best pinhole camera lens is perfectly round (since irregularities cause higher-order diffraction effects), a smaller pinhole has a thinner surface that the hole goes through, and it will result in sharper image resolution. Our pinhole camera system is pretty good product.