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WHAT CAN YOU SEE INSIDE THE LEFT BOWL?Could you see the dice inside the bowl and know the dice points? Don’t you think it is amazing? And you want to know more about it?
DO YOU KNOW THE PERSPECTIVE BOWL FOR DICE CHEAT WELL? Have you used the perspective bowl? This is an excellent product for dice cheat, because it can let you know the dice point directly. HOW TO WIN AT A DICE GAME? Choosing a device to cheat at dice game has become popular. Many poker players like to use perspective bowl to win at dice gambling.
HOW MUCH YOU KNOW THE PERSPECTIVE BOWL? There are many different kinds of products for poker players to win dice game. They could use remote control dice, mercury dice or perspective bowl to cheat at it. These products used widely by poker players are safe and reliable. Perspective bowl can be seen through and then you will know dice point. It is amazing and easy to capture the interest of other poker players.
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Perspective bowlThis is a special bowl for you to win dice gambling game. It is called perspective bowl. In the appearance of this bowl, there is not any different from other normal bowl you used in the dice game. But the fact is that, we have hidden a very small camera lens inside the bowl so that you could know the points from a background. This perspective bowl is made of good quality and it is not easy to find the secret inside. It is an important part of the perspective bowl cheating system.
Laser camera lensThis is a laser camera lens installed inside anywhere of the gambling room. No matter where it is, it should straight to the perspective bowl, so that it could scan the dice clearly. It should not too far away from the perspective bowl.
TV displayerThis is the displayer of the system, when the receiver send the result to the system, the system will show them on the TV displayer, and your partner will tell you the result. You also could wear a mini earpiece to hear from your partner.
ReceiverThere is a receiver in the system, it uses to receive the sign and send it to the display TV. It’s no need too near from the laser camera lens, you can put it in other rooms, as it can receive the information within 1 thousand meter, and it will not affect the result of the dice gambling.
DiceDice is the necessary part in the pin hole camera system and it has many color, different countries people have their prefer color, so you can choose the color you like. The dice together use with perspective bowl could be normal dice, no need processed.