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Why choose to play crazy pineapple?As we know, gambling is becoming an entertainment for people to relax. The magic power of gambling attracts many people to be indulged in. But the most important thing people are pursing is money. Playing Crazy Pineapple may achieve their aim.
WHY PLAYING PINEAPPLE POKER IS “CRAZY”? Pineapple Poker is derived from Texas Hold’em with a little change making the game a bit more challenging and aggressive than the original. IS IT WORTHWILE TO PLAY CRAZY PINEAPPLE? Yes. Tired of original Texas Hold’em, people are looking for a more excite and funny way to enjoy poker game. Crazy Pineapple has that magic to draw their attention. It offers people more chances and adventures to experience the excitement of the game.
HOW TO WIN CRAZY PINEAPPLE? This is a dream that every gambler is eager to have. But it is a simple stuff by employing our advanced products. How to get the best poker hand? You are suggested to use our poker analyzer. It can tell you the winner hand on its screen or by using wireless mini-earpiece. The accurate result reported by poker analyzer will give you an unbelievable wealth. You deserve to try this advanced Crazy Pineapple gambling device.
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AKK poker analyzer for crazy pineapple cheatAKK cell phone cheating analyzer is good for Crazy Pineapple gamble cheat. The function of poker analyzer is to read and analyze these barcode marked cards automatically and then you will know who get the best poker hand shown on its screen or received through a pair of mini-earpiece. AKK K30 is the latest poker analyzer that has its own camera lens inside. And you can also add other camera lens to work with it. It can tell you the first winner or report poker card one by one. Besides, its battery could work for 4 hours one time. Don’t miss our AKK poker analyzer!
Poker analyzer remote controllerThe remote controller is a part of poker analyzer system. Especially, you can also set number of poker players on poker analyzer by using remote controller. This function will guarantee that you can be more convenient and safe at Crazy Pineapple poker cheat. It is worthwhile to buy a poker analyzer remote controller.
Camera lens for crzay pineapple analyzerUsed in Crazy Pineapple cheating game, camera lens can be fixed in many objects such as ashtray, cup, car key, cell phone. The distance between camera lens and marked cards can be different. For a short distance, the camera lens can scan marked cards within 90cm. In terms of a long distance, the distance can be 1-4m, especially the camera lens fixed into a big object like the air condition. Operated with marked cards and poker analyzer, camera lens can help you win Crazy pineapple game.
Mini-earpiece for crzay pineapple cheatMicro-earpiece is applied as an output of Crazy Pineapple cheat device in the poker analyzer system. This is a mini type of wireless earphone which can be hidden into ears deeply. With this device, you will receive the results very fast and directly. The sound is clear and accurate. The concealment of our earpiece is so good that nobody will hear or see through it except the user. The distance between poker analyzer and mini-earphone is about 50 cm that is long enough for you to put the poker analyzer to your pocket. The battery of mini-earphone can last for 8 hours at least and you don’t worry that there is any trouble for your poker cheat. If you use a poker analyzer to cheat, mini-earpiece is a better choice for you.