Gambling cheat at Texas hold'em, Omaha poker game, Baccarat, Blackjack ect. Info and professional casino devices
How much do you know Blackjack?Blackjack is a popular poker game around the world. This game gives players more excitement which they can experience.
Are you still relying on good luck to win Blackjack? Today, as the fast development of technology, relying on good luck is a very small chance to win Blackjack. On the contrary, maybe you will lose much money in this game. Do you know the key to winning at Blackjack? For most poker players, Blackjack cheat is becoming a certain way to help them to win Blackjack. You can know the points of each card by using cheating devices including Blackjack analyzer system, pinhole camera system and IR contact lenses.
Have you used Blackjack cheating devices? How to cheat at Blackjack? For some new poker players, maybe they don’t know what Blackjack cheating devices are. What is more, they haven’t used these products before, such as poker analyzers, Pinhole camera and IR contact lenses. You can know them from now on. Blackjack cheating devices are useful and helpful products for cheating Blackjack. If you use IR contact lenses or poker analyzer cheating system, you will know cards points. Therefore, you can determine whether to choose next card or not. It is very easy to use them without risk. You deserve to have one!
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Blackjack poker cheating product of detail
Blackjack K30 poker analyzerK30 poker analyzer is good for Blackjack cheat. The function of poker analyzer is to read the marked cards, and then you can know the point of each card. Meanwhile, you can consider whether to choose next card or not. K30 poker analyzer is the latest poker analyzer that has its own camera lens inside. If its own camera lens can not meet your requirement, you can also add other camera lens to work with it. With the help of this cheating device, you can win the Blackjack game easily.
Remote controllerThe remote controller plays a very essential role in Blackjack poker analyzer system. Just set up how many cards that you want to know at a time by remote controller. Meanwhile, with the help of remote controller, the poker analyzer can report next group of cards. The marked cards are scanned just one time, but the poker analyzer will tell you the whole cards points by using remote controller.
Camera lensUsed in the Blackjack cheats poker game, camera lens can be fixed in many objects such as ashtray, cup, and car key even the air condition, light, water dispenser. The distance between camera lens and marked cards can be different. For a short distance, the camera lens can scan marked cards within 90cm. As for a long distance, the distance can be 1-4m, especially the camera lens fixed into a big object like the air condition. Operated with marked cards and poker analyzer, camera lens can help you win at Blackjack.
Mini earpieceThis is a mini type of wireless earphone which can be hidden into ears deeply. Mini-earpiece is applied as an output device in the poker analyzer system. With this device, you will receive the results very fast. The concealment of our earpiece is so good that nobody will hear or find it except users. If you use a poker analyzer to cheat at blackjack, you have to wear a mini earpiece to help you hear poker game result clearly.