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Why Andar Bahar is popular?Andar Bahar also called Katti is a very popular poker game in many countries such as India, Arab, Pakistan. Especially, Indians have recognized it as their symbolic poker game.
How to play Andar Barhar poker game? Andar Bahar is to determine a public card before dealing cards, then players guess which hand has cards the same to the public card. Is there any way to win Andar Bahar game? Every gambler is eager to be a master in the game. On one hand, you need do more practice to handle some skillful strategies. On the other hand, you can utilize advanced cheating devices to know the results in advance.
How to win Andar Bahar game? It is not so easy to win even the game is very easy to play. But our Andar Bahar poker analyzer can be your choice. It is easy to operate and you can get the result through the wireless min-earpiece within one second. Controlled by single person, it doesn’t need any partner or other devices. The accuracy of this cheating system is 100%. Analyzer will tell you “IN or OUT” or “One or Two” to help you know the result. Our Andar Bahar poker analyzer is ready at any time and at any where for you. Rest assured that this product will satisfy you.
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K30 poker analyzerK30 poker analyzer is helpful for Andar Bahar gambling cheat. The poker analyzer reading and analyzing marked cards automatically can tell you where the left cards the same to the public card are. Let me give an example about one playing way of Andar Bahar to show how the K30 poker analyzer works. First, we will choose a card we need and set its number in poker analyzer by the remote control. After the poker analyzer scans the marked cards, it will send the result through the Bluetooth or mini-earpiece within 0.3s. Then you can know the cards you need in which hand. K30 is the state-of-the-art poker analyzer in the world. Don’t miss it.
Remote controllerThe remote controller plays a very essential role in Andar Bahar analyzer system. Andar Bahar game has a public poker card. The convenient way is that you can set the public card whatever you want by the remote controller. With a remote controller, you can be more convenient to operate the whole poker cheating system.
camera lensLighter camera lens is operated with poker analyzer and marked cards. When Andar Bahar begins, you can behave no difference from others, and use remote controller to set the publish card, and then the lighter camera lens scan all marked cards. After scan the marked cards, the camera lens will send the signal to the poker analyzer which can change the signal into result you want by the wireless mini-phone within 0.3s. The camera lens can also be fixed in other objects such as ashtray, car key. We can also customize this product according to your requirement.
Mini-earpieceMini-earpiece is applied as an output device in the Andar Bahar poker analyzer system. With the help of this device, you can receive the result very clearly and directly. The concealment of our earpiece is so good that nobody will hear or see through it except the user. The distance between poker analyzer and mini-earphone is about 50 cm that is long enough for you to put the poker analyzer to your pocket. The battery of mini-earphone can last for 8 hours at least and you don’t worry that there is any trouble for your poker cheat. If you use a poker analyzer to cheat, mini-earpiece is a better choice for you.